Get to know the key speaker of this first edition of Fashion for Future.


Romeo Bandinelli, associate professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence and scientific referent of Fashion for Future, is expert in supply chain and product lifecycle management, innovation policies and process improvement and management.


Walter Lutz, with over 20 years of experience as Innovation Director at EURATEX and Secretary General of Textile ETP, possesses extensive knowledge and an unparalleled network in the European textile innovation ecosystem. He has successfully coordinated EU projects, organized events and publications, and serves on prominent advisory committees.


Luca Sburlati, from Turin, married with two daughters, has a degree in international political science from the University of Turin and an Executive MBA from Bocconi in Milan.

Since 2012 in Pattern, now Group Managing Director, in these years he has contributed to making this company a leader in the design and production of fashion show garments for the most important luxury brands.
Since 2017, he has been involved in the company’s growth process, from its listing on the Milan Stock Exchange to the acquisition of 12 companies in Italy that now make up the Pattern Group: the first Italian luxury design and production cluster.
In the past, Luca worked in the Azimut-Benetti group as CEO of the Atlantis brand and previously had a management career in HR/Training in some major international companies.

Its belief is to mix design, technology and sustainability with the manufacture of extraordinary Italian craftsmanship.


Antonio, early in his career started a digital startup, later acquired by Temera. He then became one of Temera’s partners and he currently is a member of the Key Management team.
He has gained more than 10 yrs of experience in fashion industry processes, covering program and account management roles in several RFID – IoT projects.
Antonio has been Head of Products, taking in charge product lifecycle management activities in different stages, from MVP to scale-up and leading several Development Teams.
Starting from 2019, he has been leading the development of t!Care, the sustainability module of Temera’s suite. Today Antonio holds the roles of Head of Presales Consultancy Team and Account Manager, taking care of traceability and sustainability initiatives.
He speaks native Italian and fluent English.


Antonella Vitiello, an Architecture graduate in Civil Engineering, has long been a lecturer at the University of Florence. For 10 years, she has held the position of Technical Manager at MITA, a prestigious Technical Institute specializing in the fashion sector, established to provide young graduates with qualified job opportunities in the Made in Italy industry.


Matteo Sgatti is the Regional Sales Manager at Remira Group. He has experienced Business Development Manager with a proven history of working in the field of information technology and services. He’s an expert in negotiation, management, Software as a Service and pre-sales.


Enrico Banchelli, managing director at PIN, with a background in research and education. He is an expert in business planning and development, innovation management, project management and general management.


Fabrizio graduated in management engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and immediately became passionate about the world of ICT where he has spent his entire professional career up to now.
ICT expert for fashion and luxury, he has been collaborating for more than 5 years with Deda Stealth, an Italian software house, leader in the development and implementation of ERP and complex solutions for fashion operations.

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